Thursday, April 4, 2019

Huawei Honor 10 Lite

Ok let's me brutally honest here, I am an iphone girl, have been since 2012. However when my iphone broke suddenly I needed a replacement fast.
I decided on a whim to try something different, an Android device. Now I have never had an android device so this was a massive and daunting step for me but i thought change is as good as the rest. So i researched a few different models, of course the top end ones were appealing but I was reluctant to fork out for a device i wasn't sure i'd even get on with. So i thought a good bet would be the Huawei Honor 10 lite.
On unboxing I was rather impressed, nice full screen which is something I wanted, it is a nice lightweight deviceand not too big that I'd struggle to get it into my handbag or pocket. I was used to using an iphone 7 plus so was used to a larger phone.

After going through the initial setup I was impressed, android wasn't that scary afterall. Pretty similar to ios infact.
I found it rather easy to get used to the play store and was able to download many of the apps i was used to using on iphone.
All was going well.

I was finding the swiftkey keyboard really annoying. I didn't like how it was laid out and was becomming annoyed by using it. However that was easilly rememdied by downloading a different keyboard via the playstore.

I found the device to be lightning fast, it wasn't lagging at all, even with a selection of apps open. It was more then capable of handling normal browsing, social media and everything else you require it to do.
It was a good device to play games on, my games werent lagging, or slow at all so that was another plus point.

The one thing that really disappointed me was the camera. It was marketed as having a 13mp rear view camera and 24mp selfie camera. I found both of these to be rather substandard. I use the camera a lot and found it was the one let down of an otherwise really good device. That said I did like the night shoot mode, this worked better then the daylight camera in my opinion.

As the days went on I found some more annoyances, and things I really missed on iphone. imessage was something I really missed as most of the people I contact use iphone it was something I found a little annoying. It's a small niggle but to me it was annoying.

I did get on with the device and Android wasn't at all as daunting as I had expected. However after 5 days I resumed to life as an iphone user. I kept the handset as it's always good to have a backup phone just incase of breakges or loss. For me it just didn't work for me, I guess I am an iphone girl at heart.

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