Friday, July 26, 2019

Amznova Cat Scratching Pad

One of my cats Cymmi is a demon for scratching. With a cat tree activity centre and scratching posts he still preferred to use my sofas and other furniture. Plus the odd unsuspecting cardboard box lying around.
I tried everything to stop him scratching my leather sofa but being the demon he is nothing worked. Until I came across this scratcher on Amazon. I was looking for something else to distract him with. When i saw this one it stood out, a lot of the reviews said it worked but these cats in the reviews weren't Mr Cymmi. As it was made of cardboard I thought I could try it. I bought it when it was on offer so got it a little cheaper then usual. As he had shredded a fair few cardboard boxes it might have done the trick.

When it arrived I placed it flat next to the sofa. Initally neither of them was impressed. Even catnip couldn't entice him. So I thought I'd play him at his own game, whenever I told him not to scratch something he did it more. So one evening when I caught him using it I gave a firm "No" wouldn't you know it hey presto it worked. He's used it ever since, although now he gets a "good boy" when i see him using it.
I bought it in March and it still has some wear left in it. It is double sided so once he has completely obliterated one side I can just turn it over. As it's cardboard you do get a fair bit of mess but this really isn't a big problem. I'm much happier cleaning up torn cardboard then trying to fix deep scratches in leather furniture. Overall I'm really impressed by it and as both cats now use it it's been a life saver. 
Model: Amznova Cat Scratching Pad
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